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Masonry Guy

Hi Faas,

Glad you liked our plugin. Here are your answer for your questions.

1. Our plugin doesn’t support Search & Filter Pro. It only supports default wordpress search. Since we both use ajax for the post load, the filters used in Search and Filter Pro won’t work here.

2. That can be done. For that you need to use same image size for all the post images you upload. This way the dimension for all the image remain same. Or you can this function and define your self a new image size. Don’t forget to set crop as true. This will force croping the image in exact dimension. And then you can select same thumbnail size while creating shortcode.

3. Ya it can be done with customization. To make update safe for future, please first copy the layout you want to edit to your wordpress theme. You can do this from Wp Masonry > Layouts and from there list, you will find Copy To WordPress Theme link. Once you click that, it will copy it to wordpress theme and gives you new location path.

Hope this helps.