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Emilio Lopez

I menat Post when I said Galleries, not next Gen. I have several changes I’d like to make including:

• Order By of image/posts set by Custom Field: using Event Date Field showing todays events at top and going down into future (site is a going out guide with event posters)
• Make Posts with Event Date older than today no longer show in galleries
• Customized Colorbox inlcuding custom field data driven buttons including: Event Tickets, Event Website, Sharing Buttons
• Geo Data: Gallery to see users Current Location or allow it to be added, image/posts only include those within 100 miles of user
• Category Based Galleries – and ability for user to choose preferred categories without having to create a page for every gallery.

These are just a few of the tweaks I am looking for. I have budget and will pay to make them happen asap.

Thanks for your help!