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    Hi I’m trying to create a category template using this plugin.

    I’m rather new to WordPress so I was wondering, is there a way to get the current category and display posts for it with this layout? I assume I shouldn’t use shortcodes for this and rather run a specific query but I don’t know exactly how and couldn’t find any docs on it.

    Simplifying: How to display posts in specific /category/*cat-name*/ in masonry layout

    Thanks in advance!

    Masonry Guy

    Hi Eduardo,

    Currently this feature is not available. So you must generate shortcode as per your category and place it in wordpress page.

    But this feature is actually in our cards and we are thinking to keep it in upcoming release. But it will take some months to come.




    I think this can be done with WP Masonry Layout.

    If you start a new Shortcode within the WP Masonry Layout plugin settings, and select “Post” under the “Post Type” drop down option, a new option “Post Category” appears below.

    If you select your category of interest from the list (you need to create the category first), and then click “Add Short Code” (after completing the rest of the form), it will create a new short code for your category.

    Simply add this short code to a page, and then call that page from your menu – hey presto, a pinterest style single category page.


    I am having the same struggle as Eduardo. I tried robbo’s suggestion which did not work.


    Nevermind, it does work. Make sure your links are correct…


    It would be amazing to have the functionality Masonry Guy mentions (in post #2 of this ticket). The problem I have now is that my post metas have the “posted in xcategory” and they link to the category rather than the page I created with the masonry layout!

    Yeah, it would be great to be able to toggle which category pages to add masonry to (ie: all, category1, category 6)

    Thanks for a great plugin!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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