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    David Lingren

    I am responding to a topic raised in my plugin’s support forum:

    MLA plus masonry layout

    As I understand it, my user wants to use MLA to select one or more attachments and then display the results with your plugin. MLA includes “Support for other gallery-generating shortcodes”. Here is an excerpt from MLA Documentation:

    The [mla_gallery] shortcode can be used in combination with other gallery-generating shortcodes to give you the data selection power of [mla_gallery] and the formatting/display power of popular alternatives such as the Jetpack Carousel and Tiled Galleries modules. Any shortcode that accepts “ids=” or a similar parameter listing the attachment ID values for the gallery can be used. Two parameters implement this feature:

    • mla_alt_shortcode the name of the shortcode to be called for gallery format and display
    • mla_alt_ids_name (optional, default “ids”) the name of the parameter used to pass a list of attachment ID values to the alternate shortcode

    For example, if you want to select images using the MLA Att. Category taxonomy but want to display a “Tiled Mosaic” gallery, you can code:

    [mla_gallery attachment_category=vegetable tax_operator="NOT IN" mla_alt_shortcode=gallery type="rectangular" mla_alt_ids_name=include]  

    This example selects all the images that are “NOT IN” the Att. Category “vegetable”. The selected images are passed to the [gallery] shortcode in an “include” parameter, along with the “type=rectangular” parameter. The result is as if you had coded:

    [gallery include="1,2,3" type="rectangular"] 

    I do not see any to do something like this with WP Masonry Layout, and I do not see any filters/actions/hooks in the code that would work, either. Can you tell me if this is possible or if you would consider working on a solution to provide it?

    Thank you for a great plugin and for your help.

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    Masonry Guy

    Hi David,

    Really sorry for your requirement here. Our plugin doesn’t work with Galleries. It is just for post, post type and pages.


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