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    I tried the free version of your plugin and I like it. Used it on a local test site and was impressed by its rendering speed. Congratulations on a nice job.
    Before going Pro, here are my questions.

    * Can one use the WHOLE text contained before the –More Tag instead of the excerpts which arbitrarily cut the text after a given number of characters.

    * If one has audio and video instead of featured image on a post will they come up and be playable without clicking to single page/post?

    * Can title be hidden in some post types (i.e. quote, aside, etc.) and background be in the color set by the site’s theme?

    * Can the width of the gutter between column be set in CSS?

    I extensively use a plugin called WP Category Tag Cloud in my site which is updated daily (several posts). Could Masonry Layout be made to work with it automatically. And if so how (need to know if I’d be capable of following the procedure).

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Masonry Guy

    Hi Marie,

    Sorry for the delay in reply due to extended weekend here.

    Here are the answer for your queries.

    1. For that you need to place the whole content in excerpt section. You can keep as many words in except section and it will be visible in client side.

    2. Currently we don’t have audio video feature available. SO for that as well, you need to keep the video / audio code in excerpt. And the same code is rendered in excerpt section.

    3. For different post type, you can create different shortcode. And with few custom css you can hide the title as per it. But changing background is not possible.

    4. Ya it can be done. Also, in pro version we have layout settings page and you can increase / decrease it from settings page.

    Hope this clears you confusion. Also, we have a 45 days full refund policy for the purchase. So you may purchase it and try. If you are not happy with it. We will make the full refund.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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