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    Was wandering if anyone could help me with this. Im using the wp masonry layout on to populate a list of the solutions on our website. Its set to pull through the other pages that are children of ‘solutions’.

    I’ve set this up and given the individual pages a featured image relevant to the software the page is about and i have removed the text from the grid as i just want the logos of the different software to appear.

    The problem im having at the moment is the logos are not going to all be the same size so what im trying to do is make the container for the images all the same dimension so then at least the grid lines up.

    I’ve tried selecting the individual elements and altering them as i go along and i can make the box appear the same size but it seems it is cutting off the edges of the picture. Regardless of the image and box size.

    EG if i set the container to 257px by 120px (which is the same size as the office 365 logo thats there) it seems to cut off the edge of the logo. If i then increase the container to say 300px by 300px the box will resize but still cuts off part of the image. It just seems to center it more.

    Which CSS elements do i need to select/how would i go about achieving this?

    Kind regards,


    Masonry Guy

    Hi Phil,

    Here you need to upload your image in exact same dimension for all the software images. I suggest you to upload them in 400 * 400 px and use medium image size in shortcode. The method you are using currently crops the image which is not a good idea for logo. They only look good for other images.



    Thanks for that, il take a look later and see what happens.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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